Edinburgh Fringe Preview

Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Dominic Frisby

Dominic Frisby was due to preview his Edinburgh show on June 27 but the gig was cancelled, presumably because the promoter thought everyone would be watching England playing Iceland. In retrospect I think everyone would have rather have been watching Dominic Frisby, despite him being one of the few comedians who advocated leaving Europe. And Frisby isn't a moron, he knows about finance and has written for Moneyweek. So while it is tempting to dismiss him there is a tiny part of me that maybe hopes that Frisby is right.

Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Tony Law

Tony Law was always a funny comedian. But it was when he started messing with his facial hair that things really took off. It was in 2012 when he was rocking his pre-hipster 1908 arctic explorer facial hair that he was nominated for an Edinburgh Comedy Award for the freewheeling Maximum Nonsense. Since then some could say that he has been treading absurdist water, but when the absurdist water is this funny who gives a hoot? And there are always surprises too. A few Who lyrics perhaps. Or a frilly jump suit and trombone.

Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Bilal Zafar

When you go to a lot of comedy competitions you start to see the same faces popping up in the finals. I spotted the very talented Bilal Zafar about a year ago and earlier this year he won the New Act of the Year competition, which is the most prestigious of the umpteen newbie competitions you can enter. The East London stand-up has made his name with a brilliantly honed routine about a Twitter spat over what was thought to be a Muslim-only cake shop.

Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Abandoman

My attention has been drawn to the fact that there are now fifty sleeps until the start of the Edinburgh Fringe 2016. If you can’t make it to the Fringe there are previews all over the UK at the moment, with seemingly every available space in London being used for warm-ups. So from today Beyond The Joke will be cherry picking some of the most interesting shows that you can see both now and in Scotland. 

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