Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Tony Law

Tony Law

Putting the right show together for the Edinburgh Fringe is no walk in the park. Ask Tony Law. He has been coming to the Fringe ever since before I could grow facial hair. He tried all sorts. He did solo shows and a conceptual triple act with Craig Campbell and Dan Antopolski, but things only really fell into place when he came up with Maximum Nonsense two years ago. He picked up a Foster’s nomination for this sublime hour of surrealist comedy deconstruction (and even a bit of politics) but then the following year he could not quite match the madness with his follow-up Nonsense Overdrive. Success brings problems of its own. Do you stick to a winning formula or try something new? Law did a bit of both with Nonsense Overdrive and for newcomers to Tony’s world it worked, but seasons observers whispered that the original was better than the sequel. Maybe he has learned his lesson, maybe he doesn’t give two hoots what critics think. I’m sure his new show, Enter The Tone Zone, will be good. It’s just a question of how good. He previews it at BAC tonight.

Tony Law is at The Stand from July 30 -Aug 24. Tickets here.


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