Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Tony Law

Tony Law was always a funny comedian. But it was when he started messing with his facial hair that things really took off. It was in 2012 when he was rocking his pre-hipster 1908 arctic explorer facial hair that he was nominated for an Edinburgh Comedy Award for the freewheeling Maximum Nonsense. Since then some could say that he has been treading absurdist water, but when the absurdist water is this funny who gives a hoot? And there are always surprises too. A few Who lyrics perhaps. Or a frilly jump suit and trombone. Judging by pictures I’ve seen and reports I’ve heard about the interview he did for Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Podcasts he has toned down that look, give or take some Wolverine sideburns, but not the humour. This year’s show is called A Law Undo His-elf What Welcome. There is a good quote about it on the Edinburgh Fringe website: “I can’t recommend this show highly enough. Tremendous comedy. Really great.” It’s credited to Tony Law.


Tony Law is at the Assembly Hall from 4 - 28 August, tickets here.


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