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TV: How The Young Ones Changed Comedy, Gold

Is it really nearly 40 years since the Young Ones exploded onto BBC2 and gave British comedy a great big kick up the arse? I thought I knew a fair bit about the series, but this in-depth documentary sheds new light alongside retreading familiar ground.

News: Two TV Shows To Be Made About The Young Ones

TV channel Gold is to explore the impact of one of the most influential British sitcoms of all time with two brand new UKTV Original retrospectives, How The Young Ones Changed Comedy and The Young Ones’ 20 Greatest Moments. Produced by North One, they will examine the anarchic show’s enduring legacy, its success in opening the floodgates for an entire generation of household name comedians and how it inspired many of today’s comic stars.


Opinion: Working with Rik Mayall, By Kevin Armento

One of Rik Mayall’s very last projects was to play a modern version of Fagin. In the months leading up to his sudden death on June 9, 2014 Mayall had been collaborating on a script with American writer Kevin Armento and Carlos Davis, writer/producer of Mayall's 1991 movie Drop Dead Fred. In the piece below Armento recalls the thrill of working with Mayall. Although he did not know Mayall’s British TV work when he first met him, he soon realised that he was in the presence of a comic genius.

TV Preview: Man Down, C4

OK, I confess. I wasn’t convinced by the first series of Man Down. It had its moments, but given that they were mostly in the violent interplay between Greg Davies and his TV dad Rik Mayall I had a bad feeling about the second series which – for sad but obvious reasons – doesn’t feature Mayall. Yet would you believe it, it looks like they’ve turned it round.

News: Rik Mayall's Final Film Performance Released

Rik Mayall's final film performance has just been released in Holland. In the Dutch film De Ontsnapping (The Escape), Mayall plays a rich British ex-pat called Eddie living in Portugal who offers a home to a bored housewife called Julia (played by actress Isa Hoes), who drives there to escape the drudgery of life at home. The film has been well-received by Dutch critics. The caption on the picture here says: "Rik Mayall provides lightness in a film that also stands out with the high-acted drama." 


News: Second Posthumous Rik Mayall Project In Pipeline

Update 8/6/15: A date has now been confirmed for the London Premiere of Rik Mayall's final unreleased film, One By One.


News: Radio 4 Extra Celebrates Rik Mayall

March 7th 2015 would have been Rik Mayall’s 57th birthday and to mark the occasion Radio 4 Extra brings listeners the first radio broadcast of The Last Hurrah - Interview with the Snowman, co-written by and starring Mayall. 


TV Review: Rik Mayall – Lord of Misrule, BBC2

2014 has not been a good year for comedy departures. Robin Williams and Joan Rivers left us, but it was Rik Mayall’s sudden death on June 9 that struck the most resonant chord with me. Without getting all UKIP about it, Mayall was a Great British Comic and the BBC tribute Lord of Misrule was a fitting send-off.


News: Campaign To Get Rik Mayall to Number One

A campaign has been launched to get a song recorded by Rik Mayall's spoof heavy metal band Bad News to number one in the run-up to Christmas. The following was posted on Facebook by fans Ash and Midori Wilkinson:

"Rik Mayall was a comedy genius, and his passing has saddened many of us at this time, but his family will miss him most a Christmas.

News: Rik Mayall's Bench Gets Official Opening

A bench in Hammersmith is to be officially unveiled today in honour of Rik Mayall. The bench will be similar to the one that featured in the opening credits of the sitcom Bottom. 



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