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News: Free Fringe Responds To Major Edinburgh Venues' Appeal for Funds

Luke Meredith, the CEO of The Free Fringe has written an open letter respnding to recent reports that major venues at the Edinburgh Fringe have asked the Scottish Parliament for financial support following the Covid19 pandemic. 

Beyond The Joke has published the letter in full below.

News: Major Edinburgh Fringe Venues Ask For Financial Help

Major venues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival have written to the Scottish Parliament warning that their future is at stake in the light of the pandemic crisis and the cancellation of the 2020 Fringe.

In the letter 'the big four' – Assembly, Underbelly, Gilded Balloon and Pleasance – have said that they are struggling due to a lack of any financial support. They told MSPs that most of them have been unable to access any financial aid during the Covid-19 crisis.

News: Edinburgh Fringe Faces Financial Challenge

It has been reported that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society is facing a major financial issue following the cancellation of this year's Fringe Festival.

News: Edinburgh Fringe 2020 To Be Shelved

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020 looks set to be shelved according to reports.

The Scotsman says that: "All planning for the staging of what has become the world’s biggest arts festival is expected to be officially suspended tomorrow and refunds offered to people who have bought tickets for the hundreds of shows already on sale."

News: Latest Statement From Edinburgh Fringe Society

Latest statement on coronavirus outbreak from Fringe Society Chief Executive Shona McCarthy below.

(editor's note, I'm not sure how this squares with continuing with social distancing for the rest of 2020 as has been suggested will happen in the news today).

News: Statement from Edinburgh Fringe Re: Coronavirus

The Edinburgh Fringe has issued the following regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

News: Scottish Covid-19 Measures Raises Fears About Edinburgh Fringe

The measures announced by Nicola Sturgeon to tackle Covid-19 may add to concerns about this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Scottish First Minister has advised that mass gatherings of over 500 attendees should be cancelled from next week.

News: Chair of Edinburgh Fringe Society Board To Step Down

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has announced today, Wednesday 12 February, that Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea will step down from his role as Chair of the Fringe Society’s board in August 2020.

Tim, who was Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh for 15 years until 2017, has served two terms on the board (the maximum a Fringe Society Chair can serve) since joining in August 2012.

Edinburgh Fringe Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Richard Stott

Comedian Richard Stott is making his Edinburgh Fringe debut this summer and he certainly has an original story. Richard was born with Poland Syndrome making him lopsided with a misshapen hand and missing pectoral muscle. Following life-changing surgery he now has toes for fingers on his left hand and in this unflinchingly honest show he examines body image, mental health and being disabled in an image-obsessed world.

News: The Edinburgh Fringe's Top Male Comedians To Watch

Last week I ran a story about the women set to dominate this year's Edinburgh Fringe. I was thinking about posting a companion piece about men, except that when you click on the link you get a blank page. A bit like if someone published a book called The Compassion And Wisdom of Donald Trump and when you open it there is nothing in it.


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