News: Comedian Becomes Educational Tool In Korea

Comedian Richard Herring has discovered that he is being used in lessons in a school in Korea.

A teacher who is presumably a fan of the comedian set his class of eight-year olds an essay question inspired by Herring's last minute interview back-up question – would they rather have a hand made of ham or an armpit that dispensed sun cream?

Herring revealed this curious factoid on his latest Leicester Square podcast interview in which his special guest is writer Johann Hari. The ham hand/suncream armpit is a famous dilemma posited by the comic which helped to inspire his best-selling book Emergency Questions.

The teacher contacted Herring to tell him about this but wanted to remain anonymous. He did not reveal which part of Korea he is in. "But I'm guessing South Korea," said Herring.

Herring reads out some of the answers in which the children tried out their English on his podcast. One chose the sun cream option. "First of all it can be useful for block sun and protect our surface of body...secondly I think nowadays sun cream is very expensive to buy." It would also be useful, the same pupil wrote, if they forgot to take their sun cream with them.

Another opted for ham hand: "Firstly my hand can make me full at any time I feel hungry. Secondly armpit that dispenses suncream make me angry." He/she explained that he/she would have to keep cleaning his/her armpit and it would make him/her tired. 

Herring does not say whether the majority were in favour of the hand made of ham or the arm that dispensed sun cream.

Listen to the podcast here.


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