News: Richard Herring Continues To Raise Money For Charity With International Women's Day Replies

Richard Herring's annual Twitter campaign on International Women's Day to sarcastically tell all men who ask if there is also an International Men's Day that there is one has raised a huge amount for the charity Refuge.

At the time of writing the comedian's gofundme page has raised £123,852 of its £160,000 goal. Refuge is a charity for women and children against domestic violence. It supports around 6,000 women & children on any given day, experiencing domestic and sexual violence, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, stalking, trafficking, prostitution & so-called ‘honour’ based violence.

In recent years Herring has spent International Women's Day telling uninformed men who ask if there is an International Men's Day that there is one and it is on November 19 – "a Herculean task in the face of ignorance and the inability to google.

To someone calling themselves George Constanza who asked "Whens international mens day????????? Asking for a friend sheesh" he replied: "Kramer or Jerry? Surely Elaine knows."

@hulkgablogian asked: "When is international men's day? " Herring replied: "November 19th. Stop worrying about the feminazis. There are actual nazis now. Aren’t there."

Arsenal Davey asked: "When exactly is International Men’s Day??? Asking for a friend..." Herring answered: "You don’t have any friends Arsenal. Or they’d have told you about November 19th. I can be your friend. Will you be my friend?"

He spent almost all of yesterday doing this and he has still been doing it today. And you can still donate to Refuge at the link below.

You can still contribute to the gofundme page here.


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