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Edinburgh Review: Mark Thomas



Mark Thomas certainly has an impressive work ethic. Two years ago he was at the Fringe with a very personal show, Bravo Figaro!. He then spent the last year on the more political, not to mention labour-intensive, 100 Acts of Minor Dissent. Somewhere along the way he also found time to put together this new show, which neatly marries the personal and political.


Preview: The Week Ahead June 2 - 8

Mark Thomas has spent much of the last year winding people up with his provocative 100 Acts of Minor Dissent project. It was a hugely ambitious concept that he didn’t know if he would complete – in fact at one point a stressed-out Thomas told me he wished he’d called it “52 Acts of Minor Dissent" instead. But he did finish it, which was lucky, because he had promised to pay UKIP £1000 if he didn’t.

New Interview, Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas has been winding people up for three decades. He is currently appearing at the Leicester Square Theatre with his new show, 100 Acts of Minor Dissent, which charts his ongoing project of a century of protests, from busking illegally in Camden to putting stickers with slogans where they shouldn't be put. I interviewed him in a coffee shop near Clapham South station close to where he lives. This is very much Thomas's manor.


Preview: The Week Ahead Feb 24 - March 2

Some exciting big gigs this week. Tonight at the Palace Theatre the Last Leg trio of Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker appear in aid of the Centrepoint homelessness charity. More details here

Classic Interview: Mark Steel, 2006

Mark Steel is currently on tour with his "In Town" show in which he researches the area he is performing in and makes the show specific to that place. The veteran comic has recently been keen to do more than mere off-the-peg stand-up. Here is an interview from The Times in 2006 when he was working local references to the French Revolution into his touring set. Details of his current tour here.

Preview: Benefits Culture – Best Fundraisers Guide

Stand ups have always been happy to do their bit for charity, but this May that urge to help out seems to have gone into overdrive. Maybe it's the comedy faction of the Big Society in action, maybe ongoing brutal government cuts mean that organisations have to be a bit more proactive in raising cash and profile. Whatever the reason, these gigs below need you.


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