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News: Kitson, Thomas, Long, Hardy, Yusuf, Prowse Play Grenfell Benefit

Daniel Kitson, Mark Thomas, Josie Long, Jeremy Hardy, Imran Yusuf and Haydon Prowse are to play a fundraising gig in aid of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

The one-off show will take place at Battersea Arts Centre next Monday, June 19. More acts are to be confirmed.

All proceeds from the event will go to the Grenfell Tower Appeal, coordinated by the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation.

News: UK Tour For Mark Thomas – You Can Bet On It

Comedian Mark Thomas is setting out on a new tour with a brand new show in which the audience gets to have their say. The "A Show That Gambles on the Future" tour starts in York on October 3 and currently ends in Falmouth on December 15.

This follows a run at the Edinburgh Fringe from August 2 - 27.


News: New Book Of Playscripts And Other Writing From Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas, one of the UK’s most respected and effective political comedians, has a new book out on May 9th. The Liar’s Quartet combines scripts with new writing. 


Live Review: Mark Thomas – The Red Shed, BAC, SW11

Mark Thomas is not just one of the best comedians of his generation, he is also one of the most prolific. While others might be content to churn out gags about their prostate tests he constantly comes up with not just new shows but whole new ideas.


News: Comedian Stages Punk Rock Protests

Comedian and campaigner Mark Thomas took part in two major protests against overdevelopment in London yesterday.

In the early afternoon Thomas gathered with fans and supporters in Paternoster Square in the financial district. Thomas has been banned from six streets in the area by the owners following a previous protest when he was dressed as Shaun the Sheep. So this time he asked all of his fans to don Shaun the Sheep masks.


Opinion: Comedy Goes Back In Time For Titters

Full-length comedy shows used to be the showbiz equivalent of the May fly. They did their runs in Edinburgh, London and then on tour, and then they were gone forever. The comedians moved on to their next project.

News: Mark Thomas Presents First Linda Smith Lecture

Comedian Mark Thomas is to present the inaugural Linda Smith Lecture at the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury on May 12. The talk is being put on by The British Stand-Up Comedy Archive as part of a series of events this year. Thomas was a long-time friend and colleague of Smith, who died in 2006. Both of them have memorabilia from their careers stored in the archive at the University of Kent.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is pretty much a comedy legend. He’s been around for three decades and is as busy and vital as ever. And unpredictable. Just as you think you have him pigeonholed as a satirist he goes and does a brilliant personal show such as Bravo Figaro! This year he is back with Cuckooed, a show about betrayal that is both personal and political.


TV Review: The Revolution Will Be Televised, BBC3

So what do you do when you’ve mercilessly mocked Britain’s most famous politicians and their security teams have probably got pictures of you as their smartphone screensavers? Pretty obvious really. You do what Sacha Baron Cohen did when Ali G's pranks made him too recognisable over here and head to the USA. 



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