News: UK Tour For Mark Thomas – You Can Bet On It

Comedian Mark Thomas is setting out on a new tour with a brand new show in which the audience gets to have their say. The "A Show That Gambles on the Future" tour starts in York on October 3 and currently ends in Falmouth on December 15.

This follows a run at the Edinburgh Fringe from August 2 - 27.

Thomas sets out to discover what the future has in store for us by collecting and examining his own predictions and those of his audiences before literally taking a gamble on their outcome. By making futurologists of us all, he will create a fantastical, hilarious and possibly accurate vision of the world. And maybe even make a few quid on the side.

Thomas will place bets on based on audience suggestions and then on the following night will reveal whether he is winning or losing.

Picture: Jane Hobson.

Dates here.


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