News: Comedian Stages Punk Rock Protests


Comedian and campaigner Mark Thomas took part in two major protests against overdevelopment in London yesterday.

In the early afternoon Thomas gathered with fans and supporters in Paternoster Square in the financial district. Thomas has been banned from six streets in the area by the owners following a previous protest when he was dressed as Shaun the Sheep. So this time he asked all of his fans to don Shaun the Sheep masks.

Later in the day day Thomas did a stand-up gig as part of an organised ‘loiter’ on the Thames beach near the South Bank Centre. The gig was organised by punk band Oi Polloi, who also played a set.

Thomas has previously been involved in other impromptu events on the sand, which only appears when the tide is out. At one event, which he recalls in Trespass, his current touring show about the privatisation of public spaces, the River Police asked them to stop but were told that their jurisdiction ended where the river ended. 

Thomas is currently on tour. Details here. Click here to see pictures of the mass trespass in Paternoster Square.


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