News: New Book Of Playscripts And Other Writing From Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas, one of the UK’s most respected and effective political comedians, has a new book out on May 9th. The Liar’s Quartet combines scripts with new writing. 

The scripts included are for his three recent acclaimed shows Bravo Figaro!, Cookoed and The Red Shed. The veteran comedian's trademark blend of puckish humour and anger is more relevant and essential than ever. The Liar’s Quartet combines his best scripts and a new political commentary in one volume. The writing is funny, provocative and moving – and (as the publisher's press release says) essential reading for today’s tumultuous times.

Thomas has won awards for his stage work including a Special Fringe Award for Outstanding Contribution to Edinburgh and for his human rights work, including the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award. 

The Liar's Quartet is published by September Publishing. Buy here.


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