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News: Jim Tavare To Tell Story Of His Near Fatal Accident In America At Edinburgh Fringe

Comedian and Harry Potter star Jim Tavare is returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August to tell the story of the car accident in California last year which nearly killed him.
Tavare posted the news of his new show, entitled From Deadpan To Bedpan and subtitled "how a quick trip to the shops changed my life forever", on his Facebook page where he wrote this:


News: Major London Benefit for Jim Tavare

A major London show has been arranged to raise funds for Jim Tavare, who, as previously reported, was involved in a serious car accident in Calfornia two months ago.


News: Comedy Store Stages Benefit For Jim Tavare

Update 23/5. Due to the events in Manchester last night tonight's benefit below has been postponed. The Comedy Store tweeted: "Tough decision but we are moving tonight's charity show. We will let you know as soon as we have the new date. We love you ." One of the acts, Joe Lycett added: "Tonight's show in Manchester is postponed.


News: Jim Tavare Hospital Update

The actor/comedian Jim Tavare, who was involved in a head-on collision earlier this month, is still recovering in hospital in Los Angeles.

He has posted a new update on Facebook: "I've just had my last surgery to re-attached (sic) my hand ligaments to my wrist, as they had completely detached in the accident. The surgeon says my hand will never work the same as before, so I won't be able to play the bass again - but I'm hoping to prove him wrong".


News: Latest Update On Jim Tavare – Plus Video

Comedian/actor Jim Tavare's wife Laura has posted an encouraging update on her husband's health following his involvement in a head-on collision earlier this month.  He has been able to get into a wheelchair for the first time and recently went outside the hospital where he was reunited with his dog Mr Kippy, who was with him at the time of the accident. The video below captures the soppy moment.


News: Go Fund Me Campaign Launched To Help Jim Tavare With Medical Bills

A fundraising page has been organised to help to pay Jim Tavare's medical bills following his major accident in America earlier this month. 

Film producer/director Jim Perry, who directed Tavare in The Cursed Man, has sponsored and backed the GoFundme appeal. It is hoped that the campaign will raise $40,000 towards the costs of treatment although this will only be a small proportion of the total bill. 


News: Jim Tavare – Latest Hospital Update

Good news about comedian/actor Jim Tavare, who was involved in a serious car accident earlier this month. His wife Laura has posted an update on his Facebook page.

Laura has written: "Following 15 days in intensive care, last night Jim was moved to a less critical ward. He's awake and doing really well. He says "Sorry my hands can't type, but thanks guys for all the well wishes. You are all so kind. I'm looking forward to getting out of here, but not looking forward to the medical bills".


News: Update on Jim Tavare Following Car Collision

Comedian/actor Jim Tavare's wife has posted an update on her husband's condition following his involvement in a serious car accident this week.


News: Comedian Jim Tavare In Car Accident

Editor's note: I saw Jim Tavare's wife's Facebook post about his accident shortly after she posted it on Tuesday evening but I didn't want to publish anything until I had been in direct contact with her. Now that the story has been widely reported I feel it is OK to publish the details here. Jim Tavare is much-loved on the UK comedy circuit. Wishing him a full recovery.

Comedian Jim Tavare has been involved in a serious car accident in America.


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