News: Go Fund Me Campaign Launched To Help Jim Tavare With Medical Bills

A fundraising page has been organised to help to pay Jim Tavare's medical bills following his major accident in America earlier this month. 

Film producer/director Jim Perry, who directed Tavare in The Cursed Man, has sponsored and backed the GoFundme appeal. It is hoped that the campaign will raise $40,000 towards the costs of treatment although this will only be a small proportion of the total bill. 

Jim Tavare's wife Laura has thanked Perry, saying "Jim and I are both beyond touched and grateful to the incredibly generous Jim Perry for starting this crowdfunding page, and to all who have donated. I won't pretend that the astronomical bills we face through Jim's treatment haven't been an added worry, so I want to thank our good friend Jim Perry from the bottom of our hearts for this x"

To donate click here

More details on this story here.


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