David Mitchell

Opinion: Sketch v Panel – The Higson v Mitchell Slamdown

I think it would be pushing it to say that there is a raging feud between Charlie Higson and David Mitchell about sketch shows being elbowed out by panel shows. In fact if they have not already met I'm sure that they would get on like a very polite house on fire. But recently in separate interviews, linked together in a piece in the Independent, they appear to have taken slightly different stances on the state of TV comedy. The debate feels somewhat trumped up by a journalist looking for a spat where there isn't one.

Opinion: In Praise of Would I Lie To You?

After a hard stressful week isn't it delightful to slip into something nice and funny and not likely to get the Daily Mail huffing and puffing and hot under the collar? I resisted Would I Lie To You? for a while. Maybe it was the Have I Got News For You baggage Angus Deayton brought as first host, maybe it was the show's initial resemblance to a pub-gossip Call My Bluff. But at some point late to the party I decided that I loved this programme and now I'm hooked.

Opinion: If I Ruled...10 O'Clock Live

Three episodes into its third series 10 O'Clock Live seems to have entered adolescence and has got a bit surly and angry. It is good, but it could still be even better. In the first in an occasional series offering careers advice, here is my ten-point plan to making 10  O'Clock Live essential viewing


1. Do something about the rainbow-coloured set – it's like an old disused Top of The Pops set tarted up with Fisher Price paints to look like a children's nightclub.

Opinion: 10 O'Clock Live – Satsuma-Shaped Satire

Maybe I was not paying attention but the new series of 10 O'Clock Live seemed to slip out without much in the way of advance fanfare last night. Perhaps that was a shrewd move. This is the third run but somehow it always seems to need time to bed in, as if the stars, Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell, Lauren Laverne and Jimmy Carr need a while to get their satirical chuckle muscles working.


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