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News: New TV Show for Jon Richardson

UKTV has commissioned Jon Richardson. Ultimate Worrier, an eight-part series that will go out on Dave.

Obsessive worrier and organiser Jon Richardson hosts a new comedy format where he attempts to analyse, assess and log every single one of his many, many worries.

Jon Richardson said,


News: Jon Richardson Extends Old Man Tour Into 2018

Jon Richardson has extended his Old Man tour into spring 2018 due to demand.

The star of 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, British Comedy Award nominee and runner-up in Heat Magazine’s ‘Weird Crush’ poll (three times) is back on tour complaining about the state of the world and offering no solutions. There are now an extra 17 dates added next spring.


News: Jon Richardson Tour Tickets Go On Sale

Tickets have gone on sale for the first batch of dates of Jon Richardson's 2017 tour. The dates currently start at the Melton Theatre in Leicestershire on February 16 and run until St Helier on June 3.


News: Jon Richardson Confronts His Fears On C4

Channel 4 has commissioned Rumpus Media to produce a new one-off programme featuring comedian Jon Richardson.


TV Review: Would I Lie To You?, BBC1

Maybe I was out when the trumpets were blowing but it seemed to me that Would I Lie To You? slipped back onto BBC1 on Friday night for its ninth, yes, ninth, series without much of a fanfare. Which is a shame. This is one of my favourite panel shows. It is devoid of cynicism, packed full of laughs. It's one of the few panel shows clean enough to go out pre-watershed, but it is never, ever boring.

Review, Jon Richardson, Eventim Apollo

I’ve always really liked Jon Richardson. Despite being represented by Off The Kerb, whose biggest acts are mainstream shiny-floor, shiny-suited comics, there has always been something different about him. It wasn’t just his curmudgeonly misanthropy – Jack Dee from the same agency has been doing that for years – there seemed to be something deeper niggling him. Or maybe I just related to his low-level OCD and his obsession with putting the knives in the correct cutlery compartment.


TV Review: Jon Richardson Grows Up – Children

In the final instalment of this entertaining trilogy on what it means to be grown up our curmudgeonly guide looks at parenthood. Jon Richardson can’t really bear the thought of children at the outset. He is particularly concerned about getting other people’s shit on him. But will his road trip change him?


TV Review: Jon Richardson Grows Up: Episode 2 – Money

After last week’s show on relationships, the second part of Jon Richardson’s trilogy discovering how to be a happy adult looks into the subject of money. Does wealth make you happy? he asks. It’s a well-worn question but the episode is a corker, mainly because Richardson has clearly given the matter a lot of thought: “I would rather save a pound than earn a tenner,” he muses in one of his Seinfeldian comic interludes.

Opinion: Stand-Up's Other Type Of Double Acts

I heard recently that a rising comedy star had split up with her boyfriend, a fellow comedian. Nothing unusual about that, you might say. Relationships sadly come and go. But it did strike me as unusual because at the moment stand-ups seem to be doing a lot more coupling than consciously uncoupling.

TV Review: Jon Richardson Grows Up, C4

There has been a bit of a trend for sending comedians off to do things in pairs recently. There have been all those scariest-car-journey-in-the-world docs and the other week Simon Day and John Thomson did a gaucho thing. And, of course, Coogan and Brydon put their own twist on buddy banter in The Trip. 


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