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News: Mitchell & Webb Come Back To C4

C4 has confirmed that David Mitchell and Robert Webb are returning with a new sitcom. Back is written by Emmy-award winning Simon Blackwell (Veep, In The Loop, Peep Show) and has been commissioned for a six part series. 

Stephen’s (David Mitchell) father, a local legend and pub landlord, has died so Stephen is set to – finally – take over the pub. Mum Ellen and sister Cass have no interest in the family business - they're 'creative', with weed to buy and energy-centres to rebalance. 

News: Second Series For Upstart Crow

The BBC will be making a second series of Ben Elton's Shakespeare sitcom Upstart Crow.

The first series ended with an unashamed nod to Elton's previous hit Blackadder when the judge presiding over a court case turned out to be a woman in a false beard played by Gabrielle Glaister, who played cross-dressing Bob in the Elton/Curtis sitcom. Her name here was Robert, but she confided in Kate (Gemma Whelan) "call me Bob."


TV Review: Upstart Crow, Episode 4, Love is Not Love

I’m not enough of a Shakespeare scholar to vouch for the accuracy of Ben Elton’s historical sitcom, but as a comedy geek I can at least confirm that it is funnier than his last effort, The Wright Way. 


TV Review: Would I Lie To You?, BBC1

Maybe I was out when the trumpets were blowing but it seemed to me that Would I Lie To You? slipped back onto BBC1 on Friday night for its ninth, yes, ninth, series without much of a fanfare. Which is a shame. This is one of my favourite panel shows. It is devoid of cynicism, packed full of laughs. It's one of the few panel shows clean enough to go out pre-watershed, but it is never, ever boring.

News: David Mitchell & Jeremy Paxman Team Up

No, he hasn't ditched Robert Webb and formed a new comedy double act with Jeremy Paxman. But David Mitchell will be temporarily teaming up with the former Newsnight anchor to present an all-night feast of comedy and comment on C4's Alternative Election Night on May 7. Other guests include Romesh Ranganathan, Aisling Bea and Richard Osman. Here's the first trailer for the programme.


News: David Mitchell To Star in TV Shakespeare

David Mitchell is to star as William Shakespeare in a pilot recording of a new situation comedy about the life of the nation's best-loved bard before he became famous. It is entitled Upstart Crow and according to a report on Chortle it is being written by Ben Elton.

Opinion: British Comedy Awards Predictions

Earlier this week I was accused of plagiarising a live review that had appeared on another comedy website. I hadn't, of course. It is just that Steve Bennett of Chortle and I have impeccable judgement. I saw on the Chortle homepage that they have predicted their British Comedy Award winners so I thought I'd better predict mine before I read theirs in too much detail.

Opinion: Should We Take Comedians Seriously?

It has been a busy time for big comedians lately. Not just busy doing gigs and panel shows and plugging their plethora of product, but also busy being taken seriously. Following his guest editorship of the New Statesman and his appearance on Newsnight Russell Brand has now been taken to task by Robert Webb for being more style than content. Webb wrote a stinging response for the New Statesman saying that Brand's anti-voting stance has made him rejoin the Labour Party.

TV Review: Ambassadors, BBC2

Update 6/11/13: Final part of Ambassadors tonight. This has been an enjoyable, all-too-short, departure for David Mitchell & Robert Webb. When I think of double acts moving into straighter acting roles together I guess the benchmark is Fry & Laurie as the admittedly more comedic Jeeves and Wooster, while then nadir was Hale & Pace in a long forgotten early version of detective drama Dalziel & Pascoe before Warren Clarke and Colin Buchanan took over.

TV Review: Was It Something I Said?, C4

Not sure if this new 'play at home via Twitter' show, hosted by David Mitchell, is the first interactive panel game, but even if it is it is still hard to tell it apart from all the other panel games on the box at the moment.


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