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Daniel Kitson has confirmed that he will be performing a new show in 2015. Polyphony will be premiered at the Northcote Hall in Melbourne  from March 25 to April 19 as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. The show will then tour Australia and New Zealand. This follows his Christmas story show in London and his forthcoming performance of Tree at the Old Vic with Tim Key. 

Kitson writes in his newsletter that Polyphony came out of the show he did in Edinburgh last summer with Andy Zaltzman and Alun Cochrane. He says that while it involves taped voices which might make it sound similar to Analog.Ue it is “different in tone, content, vibe and stuff”. Here is the blurb from the website selling tickets:

“I have written a Play.

It has a pretty epic scope, a relatively grand vision and somewhere in the region of twenty characters. It is, basically, a real humdinger.

Unfortunately though, it is a script so ambitious, so demanding, so exquisitely detailed that handing an actor this text and putting them in front of an audience is like handing  a toddler a pint of coffee and putting them in front of a zipwire.

It won’t end well.

So instead, I have pre-recorded each actor, in isolation, onto a separate tape, their fallibility erased with editing and their odious need for attention mitigated by the lack of audience. Leaving a litany of individual voices – each of them perfect, captured on a tape that will, when played back in precise unison, form a glorious theatrical polyphony.

The play is perfect.

The tapes are perfect.

I just need enough people to press play. That’s all.”

Kitson has also pointed out that despite the initial stampede there are still tickets available for his two-hander Tree at the Old Vic here. In other news Kitson's Tree co-star Tim Key recently tweeted the following with a screengrab (below) of an email from Kitson:

"VERY excited to receive the updated script of Daniel Kitson's play "Tree". Can't wait to get my teeth into it." 


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