Steve Pemberton

Review: Inside No 9: The Last Gasp, BBC2

Every delicious box of luxury chocolates has to have a dud in it that is left in the bottom layer after all the favourites have been snapped up. In the case of the brilliantly tasty Inside No. 9 it is this week's instalment, The Last Gasp.

Review: Inside No. 9: A Quiet Night In, BBC2

When I interviewed Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith about their new anthology series Inside No. 9, Steve Pemberton suggested that there might have been concerns among the BBC's upper echelons that there was no continuing character, nobody to get your teeth into and come back to week after week. Well, having seen two episodes now, it doesn't matter – their tales-of-the-unexpected concept is clearly the thing to get your teeth into and make you come back week after week. 

Review: Inside No 9: Sardines, BBC2

For those that were sorry to see the end of the brilliant Psychoville after two series the good news is that Inside No 9 is possibly even better. Certainly just as horribly funny in places. The BBC is clearly behind Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton's new six-part series of self-contained stories, airing plenty of trailers to tantalise the viewer. And it definitely starts off in style with a chilling, claustrophobic chamber piece entitled Sardines.


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