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Review: Urban Myths – Public Enemy, Sky Arts

There is more of a sitcom feel to this latest Urban Myths instalment, which tells the true story of how in 2015 divorced dad Kev Wells gave a lift to Public Enemy in his Ford Focus so that they could get to their gig in time. 

Stressed out dad with a bad foot Kev (Philip Glenister) is on his way to pick up his son when he sees Chuck D and Flava Flav outside a record shop after a signing. Their tour bus has gone, the local cab firm refused to give them a lift because they thought it was a wind-up. Can Kev save the day?


News: Sky Puts Its Summer Shorts On With Emma Sidi, Ellie White, Vicki Pepperdine & More

Sky Arts has announced its latest seasonal collection of comedy shorts. Among those taking part are Morgana Robinson, Sheridan Smith, David Earl, Vicki Pepperdine, Ellie White (pictured) and Joe Wilkinson. Writers include Sharon Horgan and Dan Maier. They will be available on demand this summer from June 28 and then will be broadcast in July. Details below.

David Earl & Joe Wilkinson’s Summer

News: Sky Axes Joseph Fiennes Michael Jackson Comedy

Sky Arts has pulled the planned comedy in which Michael Jackson was due to be played by Joseph Fiennes following complaints from Jackson's daughter Paris, who called it shameful following the release of a short trailer.

TV Review: The Outcast Comic, Sky Arts

Others remember where they were when they heard that Princess Diana had died. I remember where I was when I read Andrew Lawrence’s famous Facebook post about the state of modern comedy and the state of the nation in October 2014. I thought it was, erm, interesting, and messaged him quickly to ask if I could post it on beyondthejoke. I then got on a train and when I logged back on he had replied, politely saying: “Good to hear from you, but I’d rather you didn’t”.

Review: Sky Arts Irish Comedy Shorts

Sky Arts has made a bit of a name for itself recently giving new and familiar talent a platform in pithy short films. They've done it before and they have done it again with a new selection of Ireland-based quickies which were unveiled appropriately at Kilkenny's Cat Laughs Festival this weekend. Here are potted reviews of the latest six shorts. The films can be found on Sky's Catch Up page.



Seann Walsh


TV: Brilliantman!, Sky Arts

Sky’s silent comedy season comes to an end this week and they’ve saved the best until last. For those mourning the demise of Kevin Eldon’s BBC2 series here is a chance to see the ubiquitous character comedian/actor in the lead role in his very own comedy one-off.

TV Preview: Ruby Robinson, Sky Arts

At the Edinburgh Fringe this August Foster’s Awards director Nica Burns called on TV networks to invest in comedy. Sky is certainly doing their bit already. This week a new series of physical comedy-inspired one-offs starts on Sky Arts. The series features the likes of Johnny Vegas, John Kearns, Sam Simmons and Kevin Eldon. But first up they’ve got a really big gun…

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