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News: What Is This? It's A Big Tour From Simon Amstell

Simon Amstell is to tour later this year with a new show entitled What Is This?

He announced the news on Twitter with a Tweet linking to a page on his website where fans can sign up for access to a presale of tickets from 10am on Tuesday, February 28. The link is here.


News: Simon Amstell To Direct His First Film

Comedian Simon Amstell is to direct his first feature film.
Carnage - Swallowing The Past will be made for release on BBC iPlayer.


Latitude Review: Simon Amstell

This picture on the left shows how close I got to the stage when Simon Amstell was on. Yes, that’s him. The dot on the screen in the distance. It’s one of the annual problems of Latitude that the comedy is so popular it is hard to catch a glimpse of the biggest acts. And this wasn’t even an early evening show. Despite being the Saturday headliner, Amstell opted for what you might call the Kitson Gambit, choosing a 1.10pm lunchtime slot and testing the commitment of comedy fans. It didn’t work. They were too committed. 


News: Simon Amstell & More Added to Latitude Line-Up

Simon Amstell is the latest big name to be added to the line-up of the Latitude Festival, which takes place in Henham Park, Suffolk from July 17 - 20. The comedian has been working on new material at the Invisible Dot club in London in recent weeks so this may be the first major public outing for his latest show, which, among other things, may discuss the controversy he briefly became involved in when he made a remark about apartheid on BBC Radio shortly after the death of Nelson Mandela. 

Opinion: Never Mind About Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Richard Herring once wrote that he is irritated by the title of Never Mind The Buzzcocks because the Manchester punk band was called Buzzcocks, so the title should really be - pedant alert! - Never Mind Buzzcocks.  The Christmas edition goes out on BBC2 tonight and it is on a relative high thanks to a piece of broken crockery. In November it made the news pages when Huey Morgan had a hissy fit and smashed his mug on the table. The news shocked the nation.

Review: Resofit, Bloomsbury Theatre

A London traffic snarl-up-from-hell did its best to ruin my fun last night. Closures around Hyde Park meant I missed the first two acts at the annual benefit for engagingly experimental radio station Resonance FM. I've investigated on your behalf and discovered that Robert Newman did a slightly overlong bit about evolution, presumably something from his solo show, reviewed here.

Opinion: Should Woody Allen make a stand-up comeback?

I've written before about comedians making comebacks after a period away from the stage. David Baddiel, for instance, is back in Edinburgh in a few weeks for the first time in 15 or 16 years depending on what website you read. Either way it is a long time but not as long as the hiatus since Woody Allen last did stand-up, which must surely be in terms of decades rather than years.

Opinion: Stand-Up Apartheid?

I've had some particularly weird and varied gig-going this week. If you could draw a Venn Diagram I doubt if there is anybody else in London who has been to the same shows as me. Wednesday night was particularly odd. I don't think I've ever been to two more diametrically opposed events.


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