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Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Viv Groskop

I don’t really know journalist Viv Groskop but I do know her writing. It is sharp, funny and well-observed. In recent years she has been developing another string to her bow, adding stand-up comedy to her CV. In fact she combined both areas in her enjoyable book about doing 100 gigs in 100 days. Vic Groskop plays the Edinburgh Fringe 2017.

Opinion: Stand-Up Apartheid?

I've had some particularly weird and varied gig-going this week. If you could draw a Venn Diagram I doubt if there is anybody else in London who has been to the same shows as me. Wednesday night was particularly odd. I don't think I've ever been to two more diametrically opposed events.

Book Review: I Laughed, I Cried by Viv Groskop

Viv Groskop had a good job in journalism, nice friends, a lovely family. So why did she decide to go and spoil it all and get into stand-up comedy? This is one of the key questions she asks herself in I Laughed, I Cried, a kind of Fever Pitch for the World of Funny. And after dithering about on the stand-up fringes for a while Groskop didn't just dip her sparkly trainer-clad toes into stand-up, she decided to do 100 gigs in 100 days, putting a strain on her marriage and her health.

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