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Review: BBC iPlayer Funny Valentines – Nick Helm: Elephant

Nick Helm’s deceptively ambitious short feels more like a rough draft for a full-length indie film rather than a TV sketch. Helm plays what looks like a cross between his real self and his character Andy in Uncle, wandering around the back streets of Brighton for a day with his friend played by co-writer Esther Smith. The fact that Smith plays the schoolteacher Andy has a thing for in Uncle adds to the whiff of deja vu, but once you've got over that this is an exceedingly cute little film.


TV Review, Uncle, Series 2, BBC3

I knew Uncle was returning, but it seems to have sneaked into the schedules without as much hoo-ha as the first series. The timing could not be better though. Last week the hit sitcom starring Nick Helm as dissolute uncle Andy to nephew Errol (Elliot Speller-Gillott) won Best Multichannel Programme at the Broadcast Awards.

News: New iPlayer Content Featuring Bill Bailey, Nick Helm, Limmy & Co

Victoria Jaye, Head of TV Content for BBC iPlayer, has today announced 16 new online titles to kick off 2015.

On Friday 13 February, nine original comedy shorts will go live on BBC iPlayer to mark Valentine’s Day, featuring Bill Bailey, Matt Berry, Romesh Ranganathan, Sara Pascoe, Limmy, Nick Helm, Modern Toss, Russ Abbot and Katy Wix. Each comedian has each created a short Funny Valentine to bring their unique take on the international day of love.

Review: Nick Helm, Soho Theatre

The usual thing to say about Nick Helm, who won Best Comedy Breakthrough Artist at the British Comedy Awards last night, is that while his audience participation style is intimidating, the joke is on him. Helm’s stand-up persona is the tragic loser, taking it out on his crowd by bellowing in their faces or getting them up onstage.

Opinion: The Couldn't Give A Shit Schtick

I turned on the radio yesterday afternoon and heard a comedian telling people not to go to his gig. It was James Acaster on Radio 5 and while he was there ostensibly to plug his extended Soho Theatre run, you could almost hear the cogs in his brain whirring as he suddenly realised that with the DJ bigging him up so much he might be attracting gangs of Doreen-from-accounts-in-deely-boppers drunken Christmas office parties to his show.

News: Nick Helm Confirms Date for Second Series of Uncle

Comedian Nick Helm has confirmed that the second series of his sitcom Uncle will start on BBC3 next February and his own variety show Heavy Entertainment will start in March. He has tweeted the following:  “For those interested... It looks like UNCLE 2 will be due in February closely followed by Heavy Entertainment in March.


Preview: The Comedy Week Ahead – Dec 8 - Dec 14

There's always room for weird gigs in comedy and there are some partiuclarly werid ones this week. Tonight Karl Schultz and Joz Norris present their Over The Top Xmas Love-In at the Bloomsbury Theatre. While some of the alternative acts billed are simply great – Bridget Christie, Josie Long, Sara Pascoe, Tim Key, Liam Williams – this is also a line-up that boasts some of the oddest acts around.

Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Adam Riches

Yesterday I wrote about comedians succumbing to the lure of name-based puns when thinking of a title for their Edinburgh show. It is to Adam Riches’ eternal credit that as far as I know he has yet to do a show called An Embarrassment of Riches. But at the same time it would almost be the perfect title. A Riches show usually involves at least one member of the public being embarrassed.

News: Free Tickets For Nick Helm TV Show

Tickets are now available for the studio filming of the new BBC3 TV show, Nick Helm's Heavy Entertainment. The pilot of the variety-based series, in which the star of the hit sitcom Uncle opened the show by emerging from the boot of a car, was shown last year as part of the BBC's Comedy Feeds series. Helm has also been commissioned to write his own sitcom and is making a second series of Uncle.


TV Review: Episodes, BBC2

It’s good to see Episodes back on the box again for a third series. Stephen Mangan is a terrific comic actor, Tamsin Greig is an all-time favourite and I even quite liked Matt LeBlanc in Friends.



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