Review: Uncle, BBC3, Episode 3

There is lots going on in the third episode of the final series of Uncle. Things seem to be looking up for the music career of Andy (Nick Helm). After producing a recording session for newcomer Jasmine (Emily Bevan), he finds himself embarking on a drug-fuelled bender with her, only to wake up in the morning and discover that they are engaged.

This is soon the least of his problems though, as his sister Sam (Daisy Haggard) drops a bombshell just around the same time that Jasmine has dropped some magic mushrooms into the chilli con carne – and everyone seems to have come round for lunch…

Meanwhile Errol (Elliot Speller-Gillott) has problems of his own. Having visited a new school, sixth former Emma (Fern Deacon) seems rather too creepily obsessed with him. Is he about to lose his virginity while his family gets stoned downstairs?

It’s hard to get the tone right when you’ve got serious and comic subjects rubbing up against each other and I’m not sure if Uncle completely pulls it off here. Further appearances from characters including one of Sam’s old flames and her ex-husband (my partner shouted out “Nathan Barley” as soon as Nicholas Burns appeared) make this a messy episode. 

But then I guess real life is messy. Though in real life you rarely get so wasted on hallucinogenics that when you walk into a London flat that has oriental drapes you suddenly think you are in Japan, as happens here…

Available on iPlayer now here.



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