TV Review: Host The Week, C4

Well she got famous by sitting on a sofa and criticising people. Now the Ugg boot is truly on the other foot with this revolutionary concept in which Scarlett Moffatt has to present a show without a script or any rehearsal. It's impro-meets-topical comedy with a bit of reality TV lobbed in. But is it any good?

Interview: Morgana Robinson, The Windsors, C4

Morgana Robinson plays Pippa Middleton in The Windsors, returning to C4 on Wednesdays at 10pm from July 5.


What can you tell us about the new series of The Windsors?

Auntie Anne has another bee in her bonnet, Harry gets a taste for women's clothes and Pippa wears a lot of Lycra.

What can we expect from Pippa in series two? Is she still as feisty in this series?

Hell yeah. She puts a gypsy curse on Kate and is still lamping peeps in the face.

Preview: The Last Leg, C4

It's a bit of an odd night for comedy fans this evening. Because of the Question Time Leaders Special on BBC1 tonight's Have I Got News For You moves to BBC2 at 10pm. Alongside Ian Hislop and Paul Merton guest host is Victoria Coren Mitchell and guest panellists are Adam Boulton and Reverend Richard Coles.

TV: Loaded, C4

Do people still make gazillions overnight out of internet start-ups? They certainly seem to if Loaded is anything to go by. Things happen even faster than overnight here. One moment cautious Josh (Jim Howick) is overdrawn and addicted to probiotic yoghurt, the next he has piles of money to burn. And probably still likes the odd Yakult.

News: C4's Latest Comedy Blaps Revealed & Released

Four new short Comedy Blaps have been released today by C4. Details below. E4 has previously commissioned two series of former Blaps, the BAFTA-winning Chewing Gum by Michaela Coel and Bad Robots. The new forthcoming comedy Gameface from Roisin Connaty began life as a Comedy Blap as well. Other Blaps alumni include Marc Wootton, Claudia Doherty, Nick Helm, Sam Simmons, David Earl and many more.


TV Review, Toast of London, C4

Matt Berry really could keep you hooked by reading the telephone directory. The owner of that distinctive syrupy, lubricious, posh James Mason bellow returns for the second series of Toast of London, in which he plays Steven Toast, a dodgy actor with a dodgy past still looking for that lucky break but making do, somewhat inevitably, with voiceovers. One day that big role may come. Yeah right, and a porker just flew past my window.

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