Jonny Sweet

TV: Loaded, C4

Do people still make gazillions overnight out of internet start-ups? They certainly seem to if Loaded is anything to go by. Things happen even faster than overnight here. One moment cautious Josh (Jim Howick) is overdrawn and addicted to probiotic yoghurt, the next he has piles of money to burn. And probably still likes the odd Yakult.

Interview: The Cast Of Loaded, C4

Loaded, Channel 4's new comedy drama about tech entrepreneurs, starts on May 8 at 10pm. It stars TV comedy regulars Nick Helm, Jonny Sweet, Jim Howick and Samuel Anderson and many more familiar faces. They talk about the series below.


Tell us about Loaded?

Jim – Loaded is an eight part comedy series about four friends who invent a game for smartphones and sell it for 300 million dollars. It’s about how they deal with their immediate fortune and the fall out of that.

TV, Together, BBC3, Episode 5/6

I'm really enjoying this gently quirky romantic comedy. The twist that the lovers barely meet is almost incidental. It’s the little details and beautifully nuanced performances that really make this a winner for me. I think the moment that swung it was last week during the picnic outing when dad Ashley (Alex Macqueen) ran round and checked that all the car door handles were locked just like I do. I guess it’s a Dad Thing. 


TV: Together, BBC3

Now there’s a bit of a dream cast for you. The first episode of Together features Jonny Sweet, Alex MacQueen, Vicki Pepperdine, Katy Wix and various other faces you will immediately recognise from previous classy TV comedies. 


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