Miranda Hart

News: Major Success For Miranda Hart's Live Comedy DVD

Miranda Hart’s DVD My What I Call Live Show was the second biggest live comedy DVD hit of the Christmas season, notching up 240,000 sales. The top-selling comedy release was Lee Evans' latest – and possibly last – live show, Monsters. But while Evans' live shows regularly top the DVD charts Hart's achievement is notable because this was her first stand-up DVD. 


TV Review: Miranda – The Final Episode, BBC1

So how was it for you then? The finale of Miranda was never going to please everyone. Ride off into the sunset with Gary and it would be corny. End the episode alone with a broken Hart, sorry, heart, and it would make devoted fans who want to see the character happy more miserable than Morrissey on a visit to an abbatoir. 


News: Early Miranda Hart Comedy Discovered

Early film of a live performance of a sitcom pilot starring Miranda Hart has resurfaced on YouTube.

The 17-minute film, entitled You Say Potato and written by Hart, was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2001 by Hart and Charity Trimm, who was her partner in double act The Orange Girls, plus Dan Clegg and Gerard Foster. It was part of the stage series entitled The Sitcom Trials devised by Kev F Sutherland.

TV Review: Miranda Christmas Special, BBC1

What, no falling over? The penultimate episode of Miranda had almost everything. A Frank Spencer moment in a shopping centre, some prancing like dressage ponies, a spot of physical clowning with Stevie on the sofa. Even a cameo from Joe Wilkinson as a sexually inadequate traffic warden. But no actual falling over. Just falling head over heels for Gary, who the unconventional star finally got engaged to.


News: Transmission Details For Final Miranda Confirmed

The dates and times for the very last two episodes of Miranda have been confirmed today.

The penultimate episode of the multi award-winning sitcom will be broadcast on BBC1 on Christmas Day at 7.15pm. It will be competing in the ratings with a seasonal edition of Emmerdale on ITV1. Christmas Day will be a double whammy for Miranda Hart fans, who will not even need to switch channels to get a second hit of Hart. Straight after her sitcom she is also on BBC1 as Chummy in the Christmas edition of Call The Midwife at 7.50pm.


Opinion: How True Does Comedy Have To Be?

Miranda Hart has come in for criticism this week from reviewers who felt that some of her jokes in her arena show did not ring true.

The Week Ahead: March 10 - 16

After a lull in proceedings the comedy circuit is back with a vengeance this week with gigs galore, starting tonight (Monday) with the first-ever GQ Comedy Extravaganza at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Opinion: Frankie Boyle's Jokes Go Missing

Christmas has come early. Frankie Boyle has lost his joke book. Maybe someone has put it to better use and as we speak is wiping their arse with it. Except that Boyle has a particular reason for wanting this book back. 

Opinion: British Comedy Awards Predictions

Earlier this week I was accused of plagiarising a live review that had appeared on another comedy website. I hadn't, of course. It is just that Steve Bennett of Chortle and I have impeccable judgement. I saw on the Chortle homepage that they have predicted their British Comedy Award winners so I thought I'd better predict mine before I read theirs in too much detail.

Opinion: Awards – Who Needs Them?

The Edinburgh Fringe 2013 is one week old and already there is talk of awards contenders. I won't name any here and make some people giddy with anticipation and others feel like packing their bags. Needless to say, most people doing a comedy show in Edinburgh will not win a Foster's Comedy Award or even be in the running. Of course awards matter, of course they will make your mum proud, but don't get too downhearted.


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