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News: Jo Brand Defends Lee Mack

Jo Brand has defended Lee Mack, who she says was unfairly treated by the press for expressing views on Desert Island Discs recently that women weren’t cut out for comedy.


Opinion: Great Show, Shame About The Audience

Great show, shame about the audience. I've thought it a few times recently, particularly at big theatre shows. At arena gigs a few idiots would have to be particularly disruptive to spoil the night for the majority, while at a club gig the comedian can often address the issue and diffuse the situation or make it part of the event.

Opinion: In Praise of Would I Lie To You?

After a hard stressful week isn't it delightful to slip into something nice and funny and not likely to get the Daily Mail huffing and puffing and hot under the collar? I resisted Would I Lie To You? for a while. Maybe it was the Have I Got News For You baggage Angus Deayton brought as first host, maybe it was the show's initial resemblance to a pub-gossip Call My Bluff. But at some point late to the party I decided that I loved this programme and now I'm hooked.

Opinion: Lee Mack & Catherine Tate Love Raymond

Interesting to hear today that Lee Mack and Catherine Tate are going to star in a UK remake of the American sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond entitled The Smiths. I can't predict if the UK version, relocated to Cheshire, will be a hit, but it sounds well cast. Both Mack and Tate have a track record at the kind of broad comedy that Raymond excelled at and they also have a track record of working well together.


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