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Review: Frank Skinner On Demand With..., BBC iPlayer

I wasn’t sure whether to review this series. Judging by the first episode Frank Skinner’s latest BBC online show is basically 20 minutes-worth of plugs for other BBC online shows with a few gags lobbed in. Each week Skinner is joined by a special guest from the comedy world and they conduct their chin-wag in a place where the guest watches online programmes.

News: Lee Mack Wins Let's Play Darts For Comic Relief

Lee Mack and darts World Champion Martin 'Wolfie' Adams have won the Let's Play Darts trophy. They beat Tim Vine and darts pro Darryl Fitton in the final this evening.


DVD Review: Lee Mack – Hit The Road Mack

Lee Mack’s brand of comedy feels so old school at times I’m surprised he has brought out a DVD. His demographic would probably prefer it to be on VHS. That’s a good joke but maybe a little unfair. Mack is is a fabulous classic stand-up entertainer. He might have slotted nicely into the old 1970s Granada TV series The Comedians, but he also fits nicely into today's light entertainment firmament.


Review: Lee Mack, Eventim Apollo, W6

Before he conquered the comedy world Lee Mack was a stable boy for Red Rum. All that hanging around with horses seems to have rubbed off. At the Apollo on Saturday night the besuited TV star positively galloped through his crowdpleasing show.


Opinion: How Long Should A Comedy Set Be?

I was interested to read in the Observer yesterday that Ade Edmondson is not a big fan of stand-up comedy. Apart from his other gripes he said that shows were too long: “Twenty minutes is all right, you know, but then I wish they’d bring on the spoon-bender or the dancers or do something else – make a variety show of it.” 


TV Review: Not Going Out, BBC1

Not Going Out is apparently the UK’s longest-running sitcom. Not exactly in the Last Of The Summer Wine league, but it has been going since 2006. And actually it does have something in common with Last of the Summer Wine. Boy, are some of the gags creaky and arthritic.


Review: GQ Extravaganza, Hammersmith Apollo

GQ has a long-standing reputation for being a stylish fashion magazine, but it is also building up a reputation for stylish comedy. Thanks to the contacts book and charm of its comedy editor, stand-up James Mullinger, it has put together a number of striking special editions featuring the world's greatest clowns and comedy actors from Jerry Seinfeld to Paul Rudd and Ricky Gervais. This year they went one stage further with a formidable comedy gig, which worked absolutely brilliantly. Until the headline act came on…

Review: 9 Carols & Lessons For Godless People, Bloomsbury Theatre

Robin Ince's 9 Carols and Lessons for Godless People gigs are a bit like the universe - constantly expanding. About 25 minutes in our garrulous, cardigan-clad host said that he had to get a move on because there were 23 acts on the bill. Or maybe 23 acts coming up. I'm not sure, I'd already filled up my notebook by then and lost count. It is a bit of a challenge reviewing this annual event in 300 words for the Evening Standard.

Preview: The Week Ahead Dec 8 - 14

I'm not saying Nish Kumar: Is A Comedian should have won the Foster's Award in Edinburgh this summer, but I was surprised that it didn't get talked about more as a contender for a nomination. Maybe this is a problem of just standing onstage and chatting rather than delivering pyrotechnics, feminism-tinged satire or immersive audience participation.

Opinion: Charity Begins On The Stage

Five stars to Lee Mack for being honest about his appearance at the Royal Free Rocks with Laughter benefit on Sunday night at the Adelphi. During his short set the cheeky chappie glanced at the banner behind him and said “Let’s not forget the real reason we’re here tonight. And that’s to try out new material for the tour.” 


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