Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Dave Johns

Comedian Dave Johns has graciously found time in his hectic filming schedule to answer our Rarely Asked Questions. Since appearing in the award-winning Ken Loach film I, Daniel Blake, the genial comic's acting career has taken off. He has two other films in the pipeline. A wrestling movie, Walk Like A Panther, and Two Graves, a thriller set in the north east.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly is best known as the ever-smiling, ever-shouting, fast-talking auctioneer star of TV's Storage Hunters. But he is also a comedian and he is coming to Edinburgh to talk about his crazy life. He's done everything from holding a top-secret military clearance, serving a combat tour in Iraq and catching shoplifters as an undercover store detective in Italy, to travelling to over 80 countries around the world and headlining the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Juliette Burton

In Juliette Burton's latest show Butterfly Effect she investigates the power of kindness. While most of us find it hard enough being kind to ourselves – let alone others – is being nice outdated? Or can we still connect and change lives for the better? Burton is an honest comedian who always does her best to celebrate positivity, which does not mean she doesn't get angry. She went viral a couple of years ago when she objected to the Beach Body Ready adverts.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Caroline Mabey

Caroline’s memory isn’t what it once was. Or so she assumes. Join her as she desperately tries to memorise the 103 allowable two-letter Scrabble words, in this joyful, addled meander through self-help, holistic dance and learning to love the disappointment of truly being yourself. At least that's what her Fringe festival blurb says. You never quite know what you are going to get from Mabey, which is half the fun.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Leo Kearse

We try not to take political sides at Beyond The Joke, so here is a plug for Leo Kearse's show, I Can Make You A Tory. Kearse won the UK Pun Championships at the Leicester Comedy Festival in 2015 so we know he can come up with  a quickfire one-liner. Let's see if he can keep it up for an hour in which he talks about being sick of sanctimonious lefties lecturing on global warming, Jeremy Corbyn and sexism, etc etc. Kearse sets out to slaughter these sacred cows and show that it's right to be right wing.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Maddy Anholt

Maddy Anholt has a mixed Dutch, Irish and Persian heritage. Some say this is why she wears clogs whilst dancing with a leprechaun and smoking a hubbly-bubbly. Or that's what her biog says anyway. The unashamedly loopy character comedian returns to the Fringe with a new a hour that delves into her surreal and sparkly world of outlandish creations. If you recognise her face you may have spotted her on BBC3's Sunny D. And if you don't recognise her you soon will. Maddy Anholt is going places.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Stuart Laws

Stuart Laws is a comedy multi-tasker par excellence. As the man behind Turtle Canyon Comedy he has been responsible for countless short films featuring top comedy talent including the one and only James Acaster. Laws has been described as the English Judd Apatow, although that was by his publicist, who also says that he has the best joke about croissants ever.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Sean Patton

Yesterday as part of our Edinburgh Previews series we ran a very honest interview with Katy Brand (see her answer to question nine). Just to underline that not all comedians are the same here is a very different interview with US stand-up Sean Patton. Or maybe he actually does earn as much as he says below. In which case he can buy me a drink in Edinburgh in August.


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