Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Elliot Steel

  • Am I getting older or are the comedians getting younger? Probably both I guess. When I was first impressed by Elliot Steel a couple of years ago he was doing autobiographical gags about underage drinking. That’s how young he is. Since then he has become old enough to drink legally and has become a sharper, more mature comedian while still retaining that mischievous scalliwag streak. It’s probably no surprise he is so skilful, his father is seasoned stand-up Mark Steel, so in a way he is going into the family business.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Brennan Reece

Brennan Reece is definitely going places. He won the English Comedian of the Year award in 2015 beating stand-ups old enough to be his parents and since then has performed in Australia and supported Joe Lycett on tour. He is a veritable livewire onstage, chatting about his family, his life, football and finding the funny side everywhere. Everglow is his debut hour at the Edinburgh Fringe and you will be hearing more from him.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Adam Hess

I laughed like a loon at Adam Hess' Fringe show last summer. The gags flew around the room at such a fast and furious pace that I was still chuckling at one punchline when the next one hit me. He more than deserved his Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nomination. As well as the wordplay and one-liners there is a playful, childlike streak to Hess. He felt a bit like a boy trapped in a man’s body. His new show is called Feathers.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Tommy Tiernan

Tommy Tiernan really does need no introduction. He is a Perrier Award winner, he appeared in one of the greatest-ever episodes of Father Ted and, well, you should just go and see him, simple as that. He is bringing his powerhouse show Out of The Whirlwind to the Fringe this year. When I saw a version at the Soho Theatre it had everything – stories, gags, loud bits, quiet bits, angry bits, insightful bits, controversial bits, twinkly bits.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Grainne Maguire

Grainne Maguire has had a good year. She made headlines tweeting about her menstrual cycle to the Irish Taoiseach and was invited to appear on Question Time. She has also appeared on The Daily Politics, Stewart Lee's Alternative Comedy Experience and Radio 4's Now Show and has made a name for herself penning gags for Dead Ringers, News Quiz and Newsjack. She returns to the Fringe this year with a new show, Great People Making Great Choices, and is at the Pleasance Courtyard from August 3 - 29.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Ed Aczel

I’m sure someone has written a PhD on the genre of anti-comedy – the idea of laughter via an absence of conventional joke/punchline. And I presume they included Ed Aczel in it. After all, the Guardian called this deadpan genius “Britain’s greatest living anticomedian”. Aczel may look as if he is bumbling along, but as the cliche goes, it takes hard work to look this scatterbrained. I can’t quite see Aczel making it to Live at the Apollo, but, hey, wouldn’t it be great if he did.


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Tom Allen

Smart stories? Check. Smart suit? Check. Household name? Why not? The eloquent, erudite Tom Allen has been on the cusp of breaking through for most of the decade and it finally looks as if he is having his moment. He has recently appeared on Live at the Apollo, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and The Great British Bake Off Extra Slice.


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Abi Roberts

In February Abi Roberts gigged at the Moscow Comedy Club. Eddie Izzard and Dylan Moran have appeared in the Russian capital, but Roberts claims to be the first English-speaking comic to gig there in Russian. Her show Anglichanka (‘Englishwoman’) is the story of her adventures in the capital during the 1990s, her love affair with the country and her overwhelming desire for Smetana and Tvorog (cottage cheese and creme fraiche).


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Al Porter

Al Porter is definitely going places.  Probably that primetime household name shiny-floored place. He certainly looks the part in his sharp suit and Leslie Crowther hairstyle. And he has the talent to go with it too. Still in his early twenties he is already a TV regular back home in Ireland and made a big impression when he appeared on Live at the Apollo last year. He certainly works hard too, squeezing more words into his set than most would use in a week.


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Seymour Mace

Maybe it's when you don't give a toss about winning awards that you produce your best work. Seymour Mace has been delivering a particularly North-Eastern brand of offbeat nonsense (see also R Noble, V Reeves, B Mortimer) for over a decade now. This year he went up to the Edinburgh Fringe and performed at the Stand venue with a wilfully daft show entitled Niche As ****. And guess what, after all these years he was nominated for a Foster's Award.



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