Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Sam Simmons

2015 was Sam Simmons’ breakthrough year. He had always had a loyal cult following and had regularly picked up award nominations for his screwy comedy shows, but Spaghetti for Breakfast found him moving up through the gears. The wild unpredictability was still there but it was joined by both proper jokes and a personal back story that put his somewhat extreme behaviour onstage into context. He was a deserving winner of the Foster’s Comedy Award in Edinburgh.


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Cariad Lloyd

Cariad Lloyd was nominated for a Foster’s Best Newcomer Award in 2011 and since then has also made a name for herself on the live scene, most notably with Austentatious, the highly skilled troupe who create a new Austen play at each performance. Lloyd is nothing if not diverse. She has been vocal about the tampon tax and created a character called Sanitary Bag Lady who shouted at men who might be disgusted by the mention of menstruation.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – John Early

John Early has been described as "endearingly honest and absurdly funny" by The New York Times, "a cross between Dennis the Menace and Christopher Guest" by PAPER Magazine and  "cute and young and blonde" by The Huffington Post. He'll be appearing soon in Neighbors 2 opposite Dave Franco, as well as the Netflix original series Love, executive produced by Judd Apatow. Early recently created and starred in a comedy special for Netflix, playing a variety of original characters, and he is a guest star in season five of HBO's Girls.


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – John Robertson

I've had that John Robertson in the back of my lounge. A while back I was unable to go to his Dark Room show so he very kindly came to me to perform a bespoke intimate version. It was great fun but I am sure it is better when there is a crowd of people competing in what can only really be described as a live, immersive video game. If you like to indulge in funny, potentially scary choose-you-own-adventure activities this will be right up your street.


Interview: Matt Berry

I interviewed Matt Berry last month at Channel 4's offices near Victoria to tie in with the new series of Toast, which goes out on C4 on Wednesdays at 10.30pm. You can read the Evening Standard feature here, but this is a longer version. To be honest I found Berry rather frustratingly guarded.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Doug Stanhope

The first time I encountered Doug Stanhope he was in bed in his Edinburgh Fringe flat. I think he may have been tattooing himself at the time. The second time I encountered Stanhope he was doing a gig at the Tron pub and there was nearly a fight onstage between a disgruntled punter and Scott Capurro. Stanhope doesn't even need to be performing to produce an electrifying atmosphere.


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