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Edinburgh Preview: Matthew Crosby

Pappy’s in split shock?! Not as far as I know, but if it gets you reading this preview I’m not complaining. Matthew Crosby’s solo show is actually his third show without the rest of Pappy’s. I’ve always warmed to his personality – nerdy, neurotic but also very smart in a cool way. He has been a schoolteacher in the past and he can win over a crowd with his sharp wits in much the same way that I bet he used to win over his pupils.

Edinburgh Preview: Phil Wang

Andrew Lawrence recently had a pop at the quality of the guests on The John Bishop Show, suggesting that a diversity policy has meant that comedians who aren’t necessarily that good are getting edited to look good on television. I don’t think that Lawrence named names so I don't know, but maybe one of the people he was referring to was possibly Phil Wang, who has a Chinese father and an English mother. Wang doesn’t need to be edited to look good because he is good.

News: The Wrestling Returns To Edinburgh Fringe

The Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel Prize-winning sell-out spectacular THE WRESTLING returns to Edinburgh for 2015 in another battle for the ages, as comedians and wrestlers once again go head to head in the ring. After a smash-hit debut at the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, THE WRESTLING will return to its spiritual home at the Pleasance Grand on August 18.


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