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News: Edinburgh Fringe Officially Launches 2018 Programme

The official 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme has been launched, inviting performers and audiences from across the globe to "leap into the unknown" and embark on their very own Fringe adventure.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 runs from August 3 - 27. Details here.

News: Edinburgh Fringe 2017 – Final Figures

After 53,232 performances of 3,398 shows in 300 venues across Edinburgh, the curtain falls on the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The 2017 Fringe included performances in a swimming pool, a boat, a bathroom, a football ground, a tunnel and a racecourse, and featured shows that addressed themes of belonging, identity, grief, Brexit, Trump, fake news, the Syrian conflict, gender and activism.

News: Edinburgh Fringe Society Election Results

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has marked the final six days of the 2017 Fringe by announcing the outcome of the elections to the Society’s governing body, the Board of Directors.

News: Edinburgh Fringe Programme Launches

The official 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme has been launched with shows catering for all ages and appetites, inviting performers and spectators from around the world to join the Alliance of Defiance and celebrate 70 years of defying the norm at the Fringe.

News: Panti Bliss To Give Edinburgh Fringe Central Welcome Address

Panti Bliss, Ireland’s foremost drag queen, will give the 2017 Fringe Central Welcome Address at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

On Friday the 4th of August Panti, the stage name of performer Rory O’Neill, will welcome Fringe participants to Fringe Central, the Fringe Society’s centre for performing companies, venues, media and arts industry professionals attending the Fringe.

News: Edinburgh Fringe To Reduce Length Of Shows

Noon Update: Sorry comedians, I'm afraid this is an April Fool.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is to reduce the length of its comedy shows from 2018.

This year's Fringe Festival, running from August 4 - 28, will be the final year when shows will run for the traditional 55 minutes/one hour. From 2018 they will be a maximum of 39 minutes. 

News: First Batch Of Edinburgh Fringe Tickets Go On Sale

The first shows for the 70th anniversary edition of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe have been released. Tickets can be purchased on edfringe.com. More tickets will be released over the next four months before the full Fringe programme is announced on 7 June.

News: Edinburgh Fringe 2016 Sales Figures Released

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has relessed attendance and sales figures for the 2016 Fringe.

Opinion: Working with Rik Mayall, By Kevin Armento

One of Rik Mayall’s very last projects was to play a modern version of Fagin. In the months leading up to his sudden death on June 9, 2014 Mayall had been collaborating on a script with American writer Kevin Armento and Carlos Davis, writer/producer of Mayall's 1991 movie Drop Dead Fred. In the piece below Armento recalls the thrill of working with Mayall. Although he did not know Mayall’s British TV work when he first met him, he soon realised that he was in the presence of a comic genius.

News: Edinburgh Fringe Programme 2016 Launched

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has launched its 2016 programme.

2016 will see 50,266 performances of 3,269 shows from 48 countries in 294 venues across Edinburgh.


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