News: RSC Play For Cuckoo Co-Writer

Crooked Dances is by award-winning playwright and screen-writer Robin French, co-writer of the hit BBC Three sitcom Cuckoo.

The world premiere of the Royal Shakespeare Company production will run from Thursday 20 June to Saturday 13 July in the Studio Theatre at The Other Place, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Journalist Katy is desperate for her big break, and an interview in Paris with world famous concert pianist Silvia de Zingaro looks like just her chance.


Review: Cuckoo, Series Five, BBC Three, BBC One, iPlayer

The fifth series of Cuckoo is very much what you might call the WTF series. WTF happen to Dale? And WTF is film superstar Andie MacDowell doing in a BBC Three series set in Lichfield?

The first question is given a very cursory explanation. In the first episode Rachel (Esther Smith) is living back home and replies, when asked about Dale, "he's gone". Well, it's an explanation of sorts.


News: Andie MacDowell Joins Greg Davies As The New Cuckoo

Hollywood star Andie MacDowell is confirmed to join Greg Davies in the new series of Cuckoo, coming soon to BBC Three and BBC One.


Review: Cuckoo, BBC Three, Series 4, Episode 1, Lawyer of the Year

The first episode of the fourth series of this sitcom is pretty much business as usual - ie life in the Thompson household is as chaotic as ever. But things are looking up. Ken (Greg Davies) is nominated for Lawyer of the Year, while idiot boy Dale (Taylor Lautner) is looking for a respectable job so that he can marry Ken's daughter Rachel (Esther Smith).


News: Cuckoo Returns For Two More Series

Hit sitcom Cuckoo is set to return to BBC Three for a further two series.


Online TV Review: Cuckoo, BBC Three, BBC iPlayer

So welcome to the brave new world of BBC Three online. Except that maybe it is not quite as brave or new as expected. Hit sitcom Cuckoo is back for a third series of comic family chaos in Lichfield and, apart from needing broadband to watch it, not much has changed.


TV Review: Cockroaches, ITV2

I don’t know what it says about our state of mind, but Sky has just announced a series about the end of the world, Apocalypse Slough, and last night ITV2 got in on the act early with Cockroaches, set ten years after a nuclear war which has obliterated most of the planet, leaving survivors to scrabble around like some extras in Mad Max but with added jokes.

Opinion: Would The BBC Be Cuckoo To Say Nighty Night to BBC3?

When I heard the news that there was talk of BBC3 being axed to save the corporation £90 million per year my immediate thought was 'here we go again, more corporate codswallop like the thing about axing BBC6'. BBC3 has given us some great comedy over the years, from Little Britain and The Mighty Boosh to Nighty Night, Pulling and, most recently, Uncle. How could the BBC possible entertain even the slightest thought of turning off the channel.

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