The Revolution Will Be Televised
So what do you do when you’ve mercilessly mocked Britain’s most famous politicians and their security teams have probably got pictures of you as their smartphone screensavers? Pretty obvious really.... more
Paul Merton
The trouble with autobiographies of stand-up comedians is that if you are a big enough fan to shell out for them you are probably going to be familiar with many of the stories in them. This is the... more
Frankie Boyle
Is the BBC so scared of Frankie Boyle offending viewers that they have banished him to iPlayer for this one-off post-mortem? Or have they decided that now that the Scottish Referendum is done and... more
Scrotal Recall
Horrible, horrible, horrible title. What was going on in writer Tom Edge’s mind when he thought that one up? He must have been very pleased with himself. He must have had a right old giggle behind... more
Jon Richardson
After last week’s show on relationships, the second part of Jon Richardson’s trilogy discovering how to be a happy adult looks into the subject of money. Does wealth make you happy? he asks. It’s a... more
Jon Richardson
There has been a bit of a trend for sending comedians off to do things in pairs recently. There have been all those scariest-car-journey-in-the-world docs and the other week Simon Day and John... more
Schooldays are the happiest days of your life? Well, there are plenty of belly laughs in the BBC3 classroom with the third series of Bad Education. It’s the new term and the kids have come down with... more
Michael Palin
I haven’t seen many reviews of Michael Palin’s latest volume of diaries, which covers the globetrotting years from 1988 - 1998. This might be because reviewers are still wading through the 500-plus... more
Omid Djalili
This autumn we are no doubt going to be drowning in the usual pre-Xmas autobiographies of comedians. So it is canny that Omid Djalili has got in first with Hopeful. Fans of Djalili’s stand-up shows... more
Bruce Dessau review
So many comedians, so little time. I nippped away on a small break after the Fringe and took my notebook with me. I did some adding up the other night. I saw nearly 100 shows in three weeks and... more


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