Fast Show special
Update 24/5/14. I'm indebted to Paul Holmes of website The Velvet Onion for pointing out to me that last night's Fast Show Special Part One was not quite as new as it seemed. Some, if not all, of the... more
Mr Sloane
Bloody Americans, coming over here and writing our comedies. After Episodes on BBC2 and Vicious on ITV1 here is Mr Sloane, Sky Atlantic’s new comedy-drama starring Nick Frost. The writer/director is... more
Billy Connolly
Billy Connolly’s two-part series on the way we treat death was a strangely moving affair. Not because he was meeting bereaved and dying people from around the world, but because Connolly himself... more
Baddiel Herring
Is it decadent post-imperialist arrogance or dicking about in the name of entertaining telly? That was my first thought when I started watching 24 Hours To Go Broke, Dave’s latest comedy travelogue... more
David Baddiel
This was the second time I've seen David Baddiel's Fame: Not The Musical and it is as funny, clever and insightful as it was when I saw the shorter version at the Edinburgh Fringe last summer. It's... more
Well they haven’t uncovered another Steptoe & Son or Are You Being Served? but this recent revival of the BBC’s sitcom-spotting Comedy Playhouse strand has definitely been interesting. Over To... more
Marcus Brigstocke describes his current show Je M’Accuse as “pissing about”. After making his name as a passionate ranter on the heavier subjects of politics and religion he has decided to shoot the... more
Kevin Turvey
Now here’s one for the geeks. As part of BBC2’s 50th birthday celebrations the channel dusted off its archive to reveal some rarely seen – or in some cases never publicly seen at all – comedy gems.... more
Labour Party
I can't say I make a point of watching every party political broadcast but I caught the Labour Party broadcast last night by accident. You’ve probably heard about it yourself by now. If you haven’t... more
It’s good to see Episodes back on the box again for a third series. Stephen Mangan is a terrific comic actor, Tamsin Greig is an all-time favourite and I even quite liked Matt LeBlanc in Friends. For... more


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