Review: Sky Summer Shorts – Andrew Flintoff's Summer, Sky Arts

Andrew Flintoff is already a star on Sky thanks to his antics on A League Of Their Own and now he plays a romantic lead – no pun intended – in Pacino & Bert, this short film about a dreamy dog walker written by Daniel Maier.

It's May and every day he sees a female dog walker (Miranda Hennessy) on the beach. Could there be romance on the horizon? First of all he has to strike up a conversation, but each time they meet he gets tongue-tied. In fact one morning he gets so tongue-tied he forgets he has a dog. Gradually though things start to look up. Or will he be thwarted by a jobsworth played by Brookside's Louis Emerick? 

It's not a big stretch for Flintoff, who has an engaging, lumbering charm about him. He must have a fair bit of charisma not to be upstaged by his pooch. Or the scenery. Pacino & Bert is played out against a beautiful landscape. I don't know where it was filmed but I'd quite like to book a holiday there. And if they can have the same ska soundtrack when I'm there that would be even better. 

Now available on demand on Sky and Now and to be broadcast on Sky Arts in July.

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