Review: Sky Summer Shorts – Morgana Robinson's Summer, Sky Arts

Sky has attracted some big talent for its latest series of shorts and none bigger than serial genius Sharon Horgan, who sadly doesn't appear in Morgana Robinson's Summer but has written this pocket-sized seaside comedy drama. Imagine Benidorm set in Thanet with a Mike Leigh sub-plot.

Robinson plays Mel, who is in Margate visiting her sister Tricia (Sheridan Smith) who is heavily pregnant. The setting is a boozy house party where the women lick chocolate from nappies and booze on Bacardi punch – mixed by mum, played by Frances Barber – like it's lemonade and gradually reveal truths about themselves. Is Tricia ready to be a mum? She likes a drink and couldn't even look after her pet hamster, although admittedly that was when she was nine. 

A strong almost totally female cast also includes Aimee Ffion-Edwards and Gabby Best, but Smith and Robinson dominate - Smith because of her massive pregnant belly (either very good prosthetics or she really took method acting to extremes) and Princess Diana T-shirted Robinson because she has all the best lines: "Yer breeving like a dog in a hot car" she warns Tricia when she sees her sunbathing. 

Now available on demand on Sky and Now and to be broadcast on Sky Arts in July.

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