TV Review: Host The Week, C4

Well she got famous by sitting on a sofa and criticising people. Now the Ugg boot is truly on the other foot with this revolutionary concept in which Scarlett Moffatt has to present a show without a script or any rehearsal. It's impro-meets-topical comedy with a bit of reality TV lobbed in. But is it any good?

I loved Scarlett on Gogglebox and I'm A Celebrity, but she's not a comedian or a natural presenter. Good on her to go for this in-at-the-deep-end idea but it wasn't always an easy watch as she kept saying "Oh my God" every time she was surprised by Steps or Krishnan Gurumurthy or Duncan from Blue. Though it was quite fun seeing her attempt to translate the German reporter when hosting the news ("it all kicked off and there was a punch-up").

It's certainly an interesting idea, directed by Pappy's loon Tom Parry. And there was good - professional - support from members of sketch groups Beasts and Daphne among others. Colin Hoult did the business as "Paul Ol'Agey" in Blind Mate (sic) where three women including Scarlett hoped for a date with "oh my god it's Duncan from Blue".

But I have to be honest, I'm struggling to find something good to say about this. I know it's the first show but it was not just bad, it was Nightly Show bad. In fact this makes The Nightly Show seem like the Ascent of Man. And I hate to say it but the problem is the host - there's a different one every week, maybe others will be better? If C4 wants to support impro why can't they do it without wheeling in a non-comedy celebrity? Having said that, I don't know if the combined talents of Robin Williams, Richard Pryor and Billy Connolly could have made the train-Andy-Murray and Morning TV sketches funny.

This feels more like an ITV1 show than a C4 show. Or maybe even an ITV2 show. And if you want to make a new comedy show for any channel at all here's some off-the-cuff suggestions. Why not write a script? Why not have some rehearsals? And why not have it fronted by a professional comedian? Any two from three would be a start. Or as Rory Bremner tweeted during the broadcast: "Really, C4? Really? If we want to see a well known woman struggle with no script, no rehearsal and no idea, we watch the news." 

Host The Week, C4, Thursdays, 9pm


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