Review: Sky Summer Shorts – Vicki Pepperdine & Ellie White's Summer, Sky Arts

The English countryside is a rich source of comedy. Just look at the recent success of BBC3's This Country or Julia Davis' Camping. And this short by comedy regulars Pepperdine and White mines a similar vein of unspoken weirdness always just under the surface.

The writers play members of a Morris dancing team rehearsing in the village hall. Pepperdine plays bossy control freak Alison while White is the more timid Anne. But sexual tensions start to bubble up when Martin (Harry Peacock) pops in to see what they are up to. And when he takes his shirt off and gets under the bonnet of a car in the hot summer sun the hormones start to spin out of control. Watch out Poldark.

A great cast makes this very watchable – Katy Wix also appears as Welsh dancer Blodwen who advises Alison how to drive Martin wild. It doesn't feel like the most original comedy but it is beautifully observed and exquisitely performed. Worth a look just for the line "don't tell me you've got Martin's hankie down your trousers."

Now available on demand on Sky and Now and to be broadcast on Sky Arts in July.

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