Review: Sky Summer Shorts – David Earl & Joe Wilkinson's Summer

David Earl and Joe Wilkinson appear to have missed the memo that said that these comedy shorts were supposed to have a summer theme. Luckily they remembered the bit about them being comedies. 

Their short film is set in a one horse cowboy town where misfits Brian (Earl) and Gulch (Dan Skinner) are competing for the affections of classy prostitute Madame Haystacks played by, yes, Joe Wilkinson revealing hidden depths as the tart with a heart (and a beard).

The setting looks realistic but this is much more Carry On Cowboy or Hope and Crosby than High Noon as Skinner and Earl trade barroom banter. Nobody bothers much about doing American accents. Skinner's Gulch has an irrational fear of sausage dogs, while Brian decides to prove his "sexy toughnut" manhood to impress Madame Haystacks by getting in the wrestling ring.

This is unashamedly grubby comedy - it is even set in "Grubtown, Texas" – but if you like the sort of sleaziness these comedians excel at on shows such as 8 Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Shooting Stars or Derek (Earl is also known as Brian Gittins and appeared in the Gervais sitcom) this should be just the thing. Oh, and Jayde Adams pitches up as Deirdre, the barmaid with a West Country accent. You almost expect to see Sid James as the Rumpo Kid walk in at any moment. 

Now available on demand on Sky and Now and to be broadcast on Sky Arts in July.

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