Review: Sky Summer Shorts – Ahir Shah's Summer, Sky Arts

Comedian Ahir Shah's short is set in the suburbs where a family is celebrating Indian Independence Day with a big meal. Except that Viraj (Shah) has to break some news to his grandmother. He and Poppy (Freya Parker) are planning to move to India.  

Can grandmother cope with the news? After all, her generation did everything they could to move from India to the UK? How can her disloyal grandson do this to her? 

And if that isn't enough her other grandson is struggling with the dilemma of telling his grandmother that he is gay. He doesn't earn much and fears he will be disinherited. What should he do?

The result is a plot that while not wall-to-wall laughs mixes familiar culture clash comedy – getting out embarrassing baby photos, the generation gap not always being as wide as you think, etc – with some nuanced views of modern immigrant life. This isn't about ISIS and Jihadis, this is an ordinary family dealing with their normal problems. Well-observed wth enough surprises to keep you watching to the end. 

Now available on demand on Sky and Now and to be broadcast on Sky Arts in July.

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