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Review: Barry Humphries, London Palladium

Who invented character comedy? Was it Graham Fellows with John Shuttleworth? Steve Coogan with Alan Partridge, Paul Calf et al? A strong case can be made for Barry Humphries, whose show at the Palladium ends with a video cavalcade featuring all sorts of Humphries creations that I'd never even come across, from hairy hippies to socialist academic, Neil Singleton.

Opinion: Should We Take Comedians Seriously?

It has been a busy time for big comedians lately. Not just busy doing gigs and panel shows and plugging their plethora of product, but also busy being taken seriously. Following his guest editorship of the New Statesman and his appearance on Newsnight Russell Brand has now been taken to task by Robert Webb for being more style than content. Webb wrote a stinging response for the New Statesman saying that Brand's anti-voting stance has made him rejoin the Labour Party.

Review: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

I finally managed to see Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa yesterday. For a film that has topped the box office charts it didn't feel like a big hit. There were about six people in the cinema, but then it was an afternoon screening in Edinburgh and I guess with the Fringe Festival raging all over the city it has a fair bit of competition for those in search of laughs.*

Opinion: Steve Coogan – A Little Local Difficulty

I saw the brilliant new Alan Partridge movie last night. Sorry, I mean I saw the OK new Steve Coogan film The Look of Love. It's an easy mistake to make though. The Look of Love is another example of Steve Coogan playing a character who is eerily like the iconic Norwich DJ.

Classic Interview: Bafta Nominee Steve Coogan

Steve Coogan is Bafta-nominated for Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme for Welcome to the Places of My Life, Sky's revival of the Alan Partridge franchise. Coogan's career is a fascinating case study of the way a brilliant, successful character can be hard to shake off. I first saw Coogan do an embryonic version of sports-jumpered presenter Alan Partridge two decades ago when he won the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Festival.


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