News: Transmission Date Revealed For The Trip To Spain

The transmission date has been revealed for The Trip to Spain starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon.

The eagerly anticipated third instalment of their comedic gastronomic travels will be broadcast on Sky Atlantic starting on April 6. 

The two previous series went out on BBC2, but speaking at a screening at Bafta this week Coogan explained that Sky made them a better offer than the BBC: "Sky stepped up to the plate when the BBC wouldn’t match what they’ve done before and put their money where their mouth is. Sky have got a big campaign for it, so it’ll have presence. We’ve got some billboards with mine and Rob’s face on. So I’m pleased about that.”

In the first episode the duo travel by ferry from the UK to Santander in northern Spain. BTJ has seen the episode which has a decidedly gentle pace but is filled with their trademark impressions over food and on the road. "The pace of it is part of its charm,” says Coogan. “I always see it as Last of the Summer Wine for Guardian readers."

The voices they do include old favourites Alan Bennett, Roger Moore, Michael Caine and Al Pacino. One of the funniest scenes in episode one finds them competing to do the best Mick Jagger. Later episodes also include them doing David Bowie and, according to Brydon, “a lot of Barry Gibb”. 

Bowie, it turns out, was apparently a fan of Brydon, the Welshman explained: “I was in my kitchen, and Bowie was being interviewed by Mark Radcliffe on the radio. And he said he had watched Cruise of the Gods, which we were both in. And he couldn’t remember my name. He’s saying: 'It’s got the guy from Marion and Geoff. You know…' And Mark Radcliffe said, 'I don’t know who you’re talking about'. And I’m like, it’s me! It’s me! Can you imagine, it’s David Bowie, he knows you, but he doesn’t know you..." Coogan added: "I never met him, but I can’t believe he’d know your work and not mine…”

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