News: Alan Partridge To Return To The BBC

Alan Partridge is set to return to the BBC.

Partridge's alter ego Steve Coogan was appearing on The One Show to promote the paperback edition of his latest book Nomad but started out by saying that his hapless DJ would be making something for the BBC again. He will be appearing on the network "early next year...there will be a lot of Alan on telly next year...if you wait that long."

Talking to hosts Alex Jones and Amol Rajan he was playfully vague about the details but suggested that it might be a magazine show like The One Show. "It might be a bit like this kind of show...I'm here to do research".

Partridge's most recent appearances have been on Sky. Mid Morning Matters and Scissored Isle went out on Sky and Coogan also made the most recent series of The Trip - previously aired on BBC – with Rob Brydon for Sky.  

He added: "I'm here to support the Labour Party and their victory and sell my book." He described the creative process for Partridge as "like spending eight hours a day with an idiot so eventually you want to go away and leave him alone and then come back to him. He's like a relative you want to see at Christmas but you don't want to live with him."

Talking about the possibility of another series of The Trip he said he and Brydon might film it in America or Ireland but not Wales.

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