Sky Summer Shorts

Review: Sky Summer Shorts – Emma Sidi's Summer, Sky Arts

Emma Sidi's short, titled Last Resort, is set in Corfu where twentysomethings Alex (Sidi) and Becca (Kath Hughes) have gone to relive their hedonistic party animal youth. They've got the booze, they've got the old "Hoe Bags" T-shirts, what could possibly go wrong? Well, happily settled Becca just wants to chill by the pool for starters, while Alex wants to rave all night to get over a recent split.

Review: Sky Summer Shorts – Vicki Pepperdine & Ellie White's Summer, Sky Arts

The English countryside is a rich source of comedy. Just look at the recent success of BBC3's This Country or Julia Davis' Camping. And this short by comedy regulars Pepperdine and White mines a similar vein of unspoken weirdness always just under the surface.

Review: Sky Summer Shorts – David Earl & Joe Wilkinson's Summer

David Earl and Joe Wilkinson appear to have missed the memo that said that these comedy shorts were supposed to have a summer theme. Luckily they remembered the bit about them being comedies. 

Their short film is set in a one horse cowboy town where misfits Brian (Earl) and Gulch (Dan Skinner) are competing for the affections of classy prostitute Madame Haystacks played by, yes, Joe Wilkinson revealing hidden depths as the tart with a heart (and a beard).

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