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News: Joe Wilkinson Hosts A New Lottery Good News Story

The Shared Plate Community Interest Company (CIC) in Swansea, which has been providing nutritious meals to homeless and vulnerable people during the COVID-19 outbreak, features in the fifth and final episode of The National Lottery’s Good News Bulletin – a weekly round-up of feel-good stories hosted by comedian, Joe Wilkinson.


News: Joe Wilkinson And Rhod Gilbert Do Their Bit For Charity

Welsh charity, Carmarthen Youth Project - Dr.M’z, features in the second episode of The National Lottery’s Good News Bulletin today – a new weekly round-up of feel-good stories hosted by comedian Joe Wilkinson and featuring surprise appearances from special guests.


News: Joe Wilkinson Fronts Lottery Good News Series

Comedian Joe Wilkinson has teamed up with The National Lottery to launch the Good News Bulletin, a weekly round-up of feel-good stories from around the UK. 

From communities rallying together to provide BBQs to a whole village to everyday heroes helping those most in need, the Good News Bulletin will feature people and projects across the UK that have been using National Lottery funding in a variety of creative ways to combat the impact of COVID-19.


News: Joe Wilkinson's Potato Throw Wins Best Taskmaster Moment

Comedian Joe Wilkinson's miraculous potato throw has been chosen as all-time Best Taskmaster Moment.


News: Diane Morgan, Joe Wilkinson, Kim Cattrall Star In New Comedy

Joe Wilkinson (After Life) and Diane Morgan (Motherland) are to star in a new comedy for Gold entitled The Cockfields. The three-parter also stars Sue Johnston (The Royle Family), Bobby Ball (Not Going Out), Nigel Havers (Murder on the Blackpool Express) and Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City), and is written by David Earl & Joe Wilkinson (Rovers).


News: New Podcast From Joe Wilkinson, David Earl, Poppy Hillstead

Joe Wilkinson, David Earl and Poppy Hillstead have launched a new podcast entitled Gossipmongers.

In each episode they will read out unsubstantiated rumours sent in by listeners. At the end of each episode they choose their favourite piece of gossip and help spread it further by getting Poppy to shout it out the window. The guest in their first episode is comedian Luke McQueen and it includes a story about an Australian wizard and a man who wears very short shorts.

Review: Rob Delaney, Joe Wilkinson, Zoe Lyons, Fin Taylor – Greenwich Comedy Festival

The Greenwich Comedy Festival always marks the end of summer for me. Kids back at school, getting dark on the way to the gig. In the past it has been coats-on cold inside the cavernous tented venue, but this year a combination of full house, lively acts and maybe some extra heating seemed to deliver the perfect storm of a great night.

Review: Sky Summer Shorts – David Earl & Joe Wilkinson's Summer

David Earl and Joe Wilkinson appear to have missed the memo that said that these comedy shorts were supposed to have a summer theme. Luckily they remembered the bit about them being comedies. 

Their short film is set in a one horse cowboy town where misfits Brian (Earl) and Gulch (Dan Skinner) are competing for the affections of classy prostitute Madame Haystacks played by, yes, Joe Wilkinson revealing hidden depths as the tart with a heart (and a beard).

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