Emma Sidi

Review: Sky Summer Shorts – Emma Sidi's Summer, Sky Arts

Emma Sidi's short, titled Last Resort, is set in Corfu where twentysomethings Alex (Sidi) and Becca (Kath Hughes) have gone to relive their hedonistic party animal youth. They've got the booze, they've got the old "Hoe Bags" T-shirts, what could possibly go wrong? Well, happily settled Becca just wants to chill by the pool for starters, while Alex wants to rave all night to get over a recent split.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Emma Sidi

Emma Sidi is a comedian on the way up. In the last couple of years she has been busy establishing herself as a formidable personality in all the right places. She has been in TV's Drunk History and online YouTuber satire Pls Like to name two excellent things. And she recently picked up a Chortle Award nomination for Best Character/Variety Act.

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