Sarah Silverman

News: Sarah Silverman On Louis CK – "I Love Louis, But He Did These Things"

Comedian Sarah Silverman has spoken publicly about the Louis CK scandal for the first time.


Review: Sarah Silverman – A Speck Of Dust, Netflix

The first thing to say is that Sarah Silverman’s Netflix special is longer than her gig at the Hammersmith Apollo in 2008. For live comedy fans in England Silverman is arguably most famous for her major London show that lasted less than an hour and left many fans more bemused than amused.

News: Near-Death Experience For Sarah Silverman

Comedian Sarah Silverman has revealed that she nearly died last week.

In a post on her Facebook page she explained how she went to see a doctor about a sore throat and it turned out that she had a serious condition that could have stopped her from breathing. 

"I had a freak case of epiglottitis," she said. 


News: Sarah Silverman Pro-Bernie Sanders Video Goes Viral

Comedian Sarah Silverman has come out in support for left wing Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, who she calls a "once in a lifetime candidate".

Silverman explains in the clip below that she is not against Hillary Clinton but that "I met someone I have more in common with...Bernie is not for sale."


Opinion: Judah Friedlander – Bad Gig or Bad Audience?

There are no bad comedy gigs, just bad comedy audiences. I'm not sure if that's what Judah Friedlander said after his opening night at the Soho Theatre on Tuesday, but maybe the thought did occur to him after he did an hour of his finest "World Champion" boasts and one-liners but struggled to get the crowd to chip in. There were certainly laughs, but there were also moments when you could almost see the tumbleweed blowing across the room as Friedlander asked "Any more questions?" for the umpteenth time.

Review: YouTube Comedy Week

I haven't quite worked out the purpose of YouTube's first ever Comedy Week yet. If it is about trying to get more people to watch YouTube that would seem like a fairly futile exercise. A bit like a TV advert saying "Eat Food" or "Please Remember to Breathe". Everybody does it anyway.

Opinion: The Long and the Short of a Stand-up Show

Strange goings-on at Daniel Simonsen at the Soho Theatre last night. The Foster's Award Best Newcomer was delivering his laid-back, deadpan schtick and going down pretty well when he looked at his watch. "42 minutes...I gotta do 50," he muttered. It was not a joke. He had run out of material.

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