New Fellowship Launched For Under-Represented Writers

A new talent initiative that will offer up to six successful applicants the opportunity for a year long programme of professional development has been launched by Netflix in Associaton with Sky. Writer Bisha K Ali has been working on this project and it is now open with a deadline for applications of June 18.


Review: Never Have I Ever, Netflix

Mindy Kaling (The Office, The Mindy Project) takes on the teen experience in her new Netflix series Never Have I Ever. It's a classic coming of age tale: teenage girl wants to become cool and lose her virginity to the hottest guy at her school. We meet Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) on her mission to make a comeback from a terrible year, as she and her two quirky friends nicknamed the “UN”- Unfuckable Nerds - embark on the quest for boyfriends.


Review: Fyre, Netflix

I don't actually review every single television programme I watch. sometimes I watch things that aren't comedies. And sometimes I watch things that aren't supposed to be comedies but turn out to be hilarious, watch-through-your-fingers instant classics. And that's the case with Fyre, the Netflix documentary about the disastrous Fyre Festival in the Bahamas in 2017.


Review: Travels With My Father, Episode 2, Bangkok, Netflix

This new Jack Whitehall travelogue in which he sets out on a belated gap year in the Far East with his irascible father Michael must be doing something right as I decided to watch the second episode straight after I’d watched the first. And, trust me, it wasn’t because I wanted to see Whitehall Junior scratching his balls. Which he does during an overnight trip on the Orient Express.

Review: Jerry Before Seinfeld, Netflix

There is hope for stand-up hacks everywhere. In Jerry Before Seinfeld we get to see the earliest 1970s routines of superstar Jerry Seinfeld. And guess what. He is tackling the same subjects you might hear in a London comedy club any night in 2017. Being dragged around town by your parents as a kid, sport, socks that go missing, what is it with women and cotton balls, long-forgotten cereal brands. Yet in 1981, five years after making his debut Seinfeld was being introduced on TV by Johnny Carson. And the rest is sitcom history.

Review: Sarah Silverman – A Speck Of Dust, Netflix

The first thing to say is that Sarah Silverman’s Netflix special is longer than her gig at the Hammersmith Apollo in 2008. For live comedy fans in England Silverman is arguably most famous for her major London show that lasted less than an hour and left many fans more bemused than amused.

News: 2 Netflix Specials For Louis CK

Comedian Louis C.K. is to debut two new stand-up comedy specials exclusively on Netflix. The first of the specials, entitled 2017, was filmed in Washington DC, and will premiere April 4 everywhere Netflix is available.


Review: Haters Back Off, Netflix

With all the Netflix traffic seeming to go to Black Mirror at the moment it will be a shame if this first TV series for Miranda Sings, Haters Back Off, gets overlooked. It is utterly nuts, but in a good way.

Review: Lady Dynamite, Netflix

I watched the first episode of Maria Bamford’s new sitcom Lady Dynamite over the weekend when I was bedridden with flu. I assumed I was delirious. In the space of around 30 minutes I watched something that addressed me directly through the screen, played with timelines and messed with the colour palette. At one point I was sure the lead character turned into a goat. Or maybe a sheep. I’m not kidding. 


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